The Way of the River

Tween/Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure
368 Pages, Softbound
by Shan L. Spyker

What begins as a sneak into a forbidden haunted forest turns out to be a bit more life-changing than Tillie, young, daring, and precocious, could ever expect. After convincing her much more anxious older sister, Elinora, to go searching for a mysterious parcel they had witnessed being dropped into the river on their property, they discover a young wolfhound with an extraordinary ability deep in the forest, and in need of help. Their quest to reunite him with his canine family pits them against a treacherous and unscrupulous man, requiring a balance between bravery, temperance, and learning how to communicate effectively in order achieve what seems to be the impossible. Along the way, their journey unlocks the secrets of Kellandale Wood, revealing what links their family to the forest, and the forest to the wolfhound’s own traumatic past. It is a tale of family and friendship that explores and cherishes our interconnection with nature, with one another, and with all living beings. {read full description}

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