It’s been a long minute since my last update, so I thought I would come out from under my little book writing rock to bring everyone up to speed finally. In the last post I was at a crossroads, debating whether to work toward finding an agent to go the traditional publishing route, or to self-publish. After a LOT of thinking, it finally occurred to me that when it came down to it, there is only one answer that feels true to myself, and that is to self-publish.

Why? Because if I seek traditional publishing, so many of the creative processes that would be required for self-publishing, would very likely be taken away–book layout, illustration being the two biggest. I am an artist first and foremost and when viewed as an art project with words, well then, I’m all in! So. At the moment the manuscript is with my editor who is halfway through in the first pass. As she works on that, I am working back into the first half making minor tweaks. I have my son, an illustrator, working on illustrations for me and I am so excited to be able to share those soon. My next step will be to post an excerpt of the manuscript with the first illustrations and a passage. From there, attention will be turned to a kickstarter campaign for a printed edition. After that, the goal will be to produce as an ebook.

In a nutshell, tween (read upper middle grade), fantasy/adventure, self published on its way.

So that is the short of it…next post will be much sooner than this one is. If you’d like to sign up for email updates I will be adding that here on this page soon, too! Thanks for listening!