Artist, graphic designer, writer, in alphabetical order.

Shan Spyker is an artist and writer who grew up on the shores of Lake Erie. She graduated with a BA in painting and drawing, and later in life with a secondary associates degree in computer information systems. A fine artist and screen printer she also operates a freelance graphic design business that offers design services to small businesses and non profit organizations. She has written extensively in a professional capacity for past employers and business clients, as well as for personal projects. She most enthusiastically enjoys designing book interiors.

She lives with her husband and two amazing, well, kids isn’t the right word anymore(!), their two felines, two Shubunkin goldfish, and an aquatic frog named Gerard. She also wishes she could be a companion animal owner to an elephant, a water buffalo, and a humpback whale, but since this isn’t really practical and she would prefer they remained in the wild anyway, she instead supports them through adoptive donations to organizations who help take care of those in need. Animal rights, social justice, and environmental issues markedly influence and inform her art and her writing.