Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s: recommended resources for writers

As I wait for my editor to finish the first pass of the second half of the manuscript, I find myself looking for other ways to occupy myself with the story. One to do is finishing changes to the first half. But as the completion of the story gets closer on the horizon, and since I have decided to proceed with self-publishing, my list of to do’s has grown considerably. This is not a bad thing, and in fact, one of the reasons I did choose to self-publish—to make this a writing and art project of epic proportions. The single most enjoyable to do, besides the writing itself, is working with my illustrator as we hash out artwork.

However, there is another very important, practical aspect that needs addressed, which is the topic of copyright and protecting work. As it happens, last summer I attended a writer’s conference and joined a very helpful session presented by legal expert on creative copyright/lawyer/writer/publishing agent, Jacqueline Lipton. Not only is she deeply knowledgeable in all of these arenas (a former professor of law at a nearby university, she is also the founder of Raven Quill Literary Agency), she is also funny, approachable and warm. During her presentation I learned of her then forthcoming book the title of which I jotted down and have been eagerly awaiting for it to be released since. You can read more about Law and Authors, A Legal Handbook for Writers here in this interview via another great resource (not to mention, inspiring) Luna Station Quarterly. Just last week I, with great excitement, finally was able to purchase a copy. It has quickly shot to the top of my “homework” sub category in my grand book-creation to-do list.

If you are a writer seeking resources and information and have stumbled upon this post, welcome! This is the first in what I plan to expand into a series of posts focusing on helpful resources for fellow writers new to the publishing realm (particularly those who are considering or have decided to self-publish). Eventually these resources will also find their way into a dedicated page—cleverly called Resources—that I am currently developing. I have found the writing world to be filled with such welcoming, helpful folks, and I hope to to contribute a little back in the way that others have so greatly helped me. So stay tuned! And sign up below if you wish to receive alerts when new posts are made so you don’t miss out!