More about that Early Backer add on

It’s almost here! In just over 24 hours the Kickstarter campaign will be launching! While the book is scheduled for release in April 2021, the Kickstarter will include a special add on reward that will make it possible to give The Way of the River as a holiday gift! The add on is unlocked for early backers when pledges (at any level) are made within the first two weeks of the campaign launch. I’m really excited to be able to announce this addition, for, in order to be able to offer an add on reward, The Way of the River project had to undergo review by Kickstarter and be accepted as a beta tester for this new feature!

Curious how it works? The early backer add on is an optional upgrade which provides backers with a gift announcement card (choice of a digital format, or a physical, printed announcement card) that can be given to recipients over the holidays letting them know of their forthcoming gift. In addition, to make the gift very special, the names of both the backer and the gift recipient will be included in a special thank you section for early backers within the book!

This add on is only available through December 12th for the printed gift acknowledgement (available to US residents only due to shipping time constraints…these will be sent via Priority Mail upon the competition of a pledge transaction with this add on), and December 18th for digital gift acknowledgements (available world wide, and will be delivered via email to the backer upon completion of a pledge transaction with this add on).

If you’re looking for something unique to gift this holiday season to the reader in your life who loves tween fantasy adventure stories, The Way of the River Early Backer Add On might be just the ticket!

The Way of the River Kickstarter launches December 4, 2020 at 12 midnight EST and runs through January 16, 2021