Should I self-publish or should I seek traditional publishing ? (esta indecisión me molesta!)

The story is entering last licks–I am now hunting for those last stray commas, periods, and misspellings in a final (final, final!) pass.

Part of the deep revision I have been involved in required dialing in on age range (that boundary between MG and YA is thin and grey, but I have found others who feel, as I do, that the age range between them is unnecessarily glossed over by publishers—which I may circle back to in a post on that very interesting topic), as well as editing down to an appropriate word count for the target audience to be sufficiently palatable to an agent (and thus a publisher). These details have been wrangled, and as I look toward composing new query letters, I suddenly find myself rethinking my options…

When I first embarked on this project, I had planned for the book to be self-published so that I could have fun with one of my favorite crafts, which is to lay out a book. But after the book grew into a full scale novel, I became interested in the pluses that come along with working with an agent and via traditional publishing. I began my quest to learn all I could about that (wonderful, enticing) avenue, through writers’ conferences, online seminars, an international writer’s society to which I belong, as well as books on the topic, and good ol’ searches on the web. It seemed right, and I changed courses with those new goals in mind.

But as I near the finish line, ready to compose new query letters and reaching out to agents, the desire to have fun with the process of creating a book (creating the marketing materials, the social media postings to connect to an interested audience, the artwork, the book cover, the book interior and putting all those pieces together) is beginning to call again like a loud and lovely siren. I suspect deep down that I don’t want to let go of all that potential fun.

And, now that we have been under shelter in place orders for a decent amount of time, I have had ample opportunity to ponder which direction I will take, which is placing me at a new crossroad.

To allow myself more time to weigh the pros and cons of each path, I have decided the most enjoyable thing to do would be to put steps in place for both. Writing that book summary, writing those queries, and yet also drawing up a Kickstarter campaign plan, dreaming up Kickstarter perk items to go along with it (I can hear my screen printing equipment calling!), planning future posts for this website since I would be much more feee to share content here (passages from the story, plot lines, themes, characters etc). So today was spent mapping out the to do lists for both options so that when I am finished with my final pass, I can make that oh-so-critical (exciting) decision and already have a plan in place.

Take that, indecision!